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Fluorescence Accessories

Item Number   Description Price Qty ->Cart
MINJ-F-ALEX Cy5, Alexa Fluor 633, Alexa Fluor 647 Filter Set $1,078.92
MINJ-F-B2 Inverted Microscope System Bulbs $32.43
MINJ-F-DAPI DAPI and Hoechst Fluorescence Filter Set $1,059.46
MINJ-F-EFB Cyan GFP Filter Set $1,059.46
MINJ-F-END Endow GFP Bandpass Emission Filter Set $1,295.14
MINJ-F-EPS Complete Epi-Fluorescence Attachment for MINJ-1000 Microinjection Station $4,810.81
MINJ-F-FITC FITC FITC/RSGFP/Fluo 3/DiO Acradine Orange(+RNA) Filter Set $1,059.46
MINJ-F-HG Mercury (Hg) Arc Lamp 100W Bulb $216.22
MINJ-F-RHO TRITC (Rhodamine)/ DiI/ Cy3 Fluorescence Filter Set $1,059.46
MINJ-F-TPZ Yellow GFP BP (10C/Topaz) Filter Set $1,078.92
MINJ-F-TXR Texas Red/Cy3.5 Filter Set $1,059.46

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