DigiTherm® Incubators: Heating/Cooling, CO2 & Circadian Programmable can even be Monitored and Controlled Through Your Cell Phone !



6 independent chambers CO2 incubator
Tritech Research brings you the DigiTherm® Unibator™ and DigiTherm® HexaBator™incubators — ideal for Vaccine Development research. Conveniently programmable, these incubators have the ability to switch to refrigeration mode and rapidly cool samples to stop biological and chemical reactions at preset times, or by remote control over the internet!

These incubators were designed for the cytokine flow cytometry-based assay used in vaccine testing, but they can be used for any experiments where shifting rapidly between incubation and refrigeration are desireable, such as heat-shock inducible gene expression assays and any experiment that needs to be stopped by cooling.