How To use Grant Funds to Purchase Apple iMac and MacBook Computers

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Would you like to use your grant funds to get a new Apple computer like an iMac or MacBook for your lab? We can help!

Many grants have restrictions that don't allow funds to be used for office equipment such as computers, even though you may need reliable computers to handle, analyze, and present your data. However, these funds can be used to purchase scientific equipment.

Tritech Research has recently forged a relationship with Apple Computer as an OEM manufacturer. This means that we can buy the latest computers directly from Apple and integrate them directly into our equipment. For example we make incubators that incorporate an iMac or a MacBook as part of their control mechanisms. Each of our microscopes is available as an integrated imaging system with an Apple computer (including the new Mac Pro) or PC included. If you need a PC, let us know which one you want, and we'll go shopping and get it for you. Yes, it will likely cost more for us to provide this service than if you bought the computer yourself on sale, but our service allows you to include the computer as part of a grant-approved laboratory equipment purchase.

In some cases, computer-related options are listed directly on the relevant product pages of our website. However, we are happy to work with you and integrate the computer system with a wide variety of our products. If you would like to include a MacBook, iMac, or other computer as part of one of our products, just call or e-mail our customer service department and we will be happy to configure a system so that you can get the computer within the restrictions required by your grant!

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