Complete Microinjection Systems: (for IVF, ICSI & Transgenics) Microscopes, Microinjectors and Micromanipulators





Microinjection refers to the process of using a fine tipped needle to insert substances at a microscopic level into a cell or the intercellular space. It is a simple mechanical process in which a needle roughly 0.5 to 5 micrometers in diameter penetrates the cell membrane and/or the nuclear envelope or simply into a tissue. The desired contents are then injected into the desired sub-cellular, cellular, or intercellular compartment and the needle is removed. Microinjection is normally performed under a specialized microscope with the aid of a micromanipulator which allows for small movement under high magnification.


Microinjection is frequently used in genetic engineering and transgenetics to insert genetic material into single cells. Microinjection can also be used in basic genetics research, in the cloning of organisms, and in the study of cell biology and viruses. Common clinical applications include In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) to help achieve fertilization for couples with severe male factor infertility, and for ophthalmology procedures like Retinal Pigment Epithelial (RPE) and Intra Ocular (IO) injection.


In basic microinjection, a hollow needle with a microscopic tip is filled with a liquid, inserted into a target, and then temporarily pressurized so as to inject the desired fluid into the target. The two broad areas of microinjectors are Analog and Digital Pressure-type, vs. Positive-displacement and syringe-type injectors all of which have a broad range of features and price ranges to assist you in your research. The variables that determine the amount injected with pressure-type injectors are pressure, time, viscosity of the fluid, and diameter of the needle opening. With digital Positive-displacement-type a particular volume and rate of delivery can be specified. Wondering which type to choose? If the volumes you need to deliver are less than 10 nanoliters, then pressure-type is really the only choice because positive-displacement units don't have the precision for picoliter injections due to thermal expansion and other variables that are larger than picoliters. From tens of nanoliters up to hundreds of microliters, you can take advantage of the convenience of positive-displacement injectors that require no external pressure source and let you deliver exact volumes.

In most pressure-type microinjection, the needle is either at a user-set pressure when injecting, or at atmospheric pressure when not injecting. In some cases, backflow of cytoplasm or medium into the needle can be problematic. For these cases, a lower "holding pressure" that is lower than the injecting pressure, but higher than atmospheric pressure is useful between injections. A holding pressure can also aid in reducing needle clogging. However, no matter how careful one is, needles occasionally do clog. For these cases, a short blast of a "clearing pressure," higher than the normal injection pressure, can be useful to unclog the needle.


To choose a microinjector, take into account some of the following considerations:
  • The volume you'll be injecting
  • Viscosity of the medium that is being injected
  • Cost of the medium that is being injected
  • Needle tip diameter and size of particulates in medium you're injecting (with regard to clogging)
  • Total volume you'll be injecting (consider the economy injecting multiple targets with the same needle vs. issues of cross-contamination of samples)
  • The pressure source (i.e. will you use a lab air jet, compressed tank, or positive displacement?)
  • Do you need a dual microinjector/micromanipulator system to both hold the target as well as to inject it?
  • Will you use the microinjector for only one simple application, or do you have other future experimental set-ups in mind for the future?
  • Will it be easier for you to backfill or frontfill your needle?



We are confident that one of the five systems showcased above — MINJ-1, MINJ-D, MINJ-PD, MINJ-FLY and MINJ-1000 — will meet popular microinjection needs. We have taken the guesswork out of decision making, and put together a variety of low-cost, high-quality solutions for researchers. Call us (310-446-4460) if you need something different or customized!

> 1 µl      
picoliter, nanoliter, < 1µl  
Pressure Control        
Time Control        
Foot Pedal
Holding Pressure    
Dual Pressure option N/A  
Clearing Pressure      
Front Fill Unit option variable   electronic
Pulse Length Control option  
Minimum Pulse Time   ~100 ms   ~10 ms
Includes Regulator option N/A option
CE 220V option option option option

C. elegans    
Drosophila - embryo    
Drosophila - adult      
Stem Cells      
Drug Delivery      


We carry a range of microinjectors that have a variety of features to fit almost any research need and that will also fit a variety of budgets. Since we design and manufacture most of the microinjectors we sell, we are also happy to help provide you with additional features and modifications you may need for cutting edge research. Please feel free to contact us directly if you need additional help in choosing the right microinjector for your current and/or future applications or if you need a customized microinjector for a specialized use.

Microinjection does not have to be a complicated and difficult task, and Tritech Research is here to help you choose the best microinjector for your research and your budget. We also stock a variety of microscopes, micromanipulators, needle holders, borosilicate glass, needle pullers, microforges, microgrinders, and all of the other accessories required to perform your work.

If you have any questions about our products or your particular application, we're here to help.

The products outlined above provide state-of-the-art replacements for the products in the table below. Tritech's mission is to lower the cost and speed the progress of biomedical research. We want you to get the best product for your research budget. Feel free to compare features and prices, then let us know what you think!

Applied Scientific Instrumentation

MPPI-3 Pressure Injector


5171 InjectMan
5179 InjectMan
CellTram Microinjection Accessory
CellTram Air Microinjection Accessory
CellTram Oil Microinjection Accessory
CellTram vario Microinjection Accessory
FemtoJet 4i Microinjection Controller
FemtoJet 4x Microinjection Controller
Femtotip Microcapillaries
Femtotip II Microcapillaries for transferring ES cells
MicroDissector PPMD Eppendorf electroporator
Microloader Microloader
NI 21 InjectMan
NK 2 TransferMan
Precision capillaries for ICSI Microcapillaries for transferring ES cells

Harvard Apparatus

Nanoject II The Drummond Nanoject II Auto-Nanoliter Injector is specifically designed to perform ultra-delicate nanoliter injection procedures into cells.
PHD 22/2000 precision PHD syringe pump
PHD 4400 precision PHD syringe pump
Picospritzer III The Picospritzer III is a self-contained rack mountable system which supplies repeatable pressure pulses.
TooheySpritzer TooheySpritzer line of pressure injection systems for intra-cellular and extra-cellular deliveries of drugs of interest


PM-10 The PM-10 Piezo Micromanipulator is specifically designed for the penetration of cell membrane in the context of electrophysiological investigations.


XenoWorks XenoWorks Digital Microinjector was designed primarily for transgenic mammal workstations

Sutter / PrimeTech

PMM-150FU PrimeTech PMM-150FU piezo impact drive for challenging microinjection applications such as mouse nuclear transfer, intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) and blastocyst injection.

WPI World Precision Instruments

5430-ALL PicoNozzle Kit
ILS005LT Syringes with Luer Fitting (no needle)
ILS010LT Syringes with Luer Fitting (no needle)
ILS025LT Syringes with Luer Fitting (no needle)
MPH6R luer-fitted micropipette holders
MPH6S luer-fitted micropipette holders
MPM-10 Piezo Translator
PV820 Pneumatic PicoPumps
PV830 Pneumatic PicoPumps
RN0005 Replaceable Needles
RN001 Replaceable Needles
RN005 Replaceable Needles
RN010 Replaceable Needles
RN025 Replaceable Needles
SGE0005RN Syringes with Replaceable Beveled Needles
SGE001RN Syringes with Replaceable Beveled Needles
SGE005RN Syringes with Replaceable Beveled Needles
SGE010RNS Syringes with Replaceable Beveled Needles
SGE025RN Syringes with Replaceable Beveled Needles
SGE050RN Syringes with Replaceable Beveled Needles
SGE050TLL Syringes with Luer Fitting (no needle)
SGE100RN Syringes with Replaceable Beveled Needles
SGE100TLL Syringes with Luer Fitting (no needle)
SGE250TLL Syringes with Luer Fitting (no needle)
SP100i Infusion Pump
SP101i Microdialysis Pump
SP120p Push-Pull Pump
SP200i Infusion Pump
SP210c Push-Pull Pump
SP210iw Infusion/Withdrawal Pump
SP230iw Infusion/Withdrawal Pump
SP250i Infusion Pump
SP260p Syringe Pump, Infusion-Withdrawal (double) Single Cycle Action
SilFlex SilFlex tubing and holder:
UMPIII UltraMicroPump III - inject volumes as small as picoliters using a microsyringe
UltraMicroPump-III UltraMicroPump III - inject volumes as small as picoliters using a microsyringe

WPI: World Precision Instruments

IO-KIT Intraocular (IO) injection kit (SilFlex tubing, holder, gasket, and beveled tipmix)
NANOFIL-100 NanoFil Syringe, 100 microliter
NF33-36BL Assortment of 4 blunt NanoFil needles (1 ea. 33, 34, 35, 36g)
NF33-36BV Assortment of 4 beveled NanoFil needles (1 ea. 33, 34, 35, 36g)
NF33BL-2 33 G blunt NanoFil needle (pkg of 2)
NF33BV-2 33 G beveled NanoFil needle (pkg of 2)
NF33FBL-2 33 G Flexifil blunt NanoFil needle (pkg of 2)
NF33FBV-2 33 G Flexifil beveled NanoFil needle (pkg of 2)
NF34BL-2 34 G blunt NanoFil needle (pkg of 2)
NF34BV-2 34 G beveled NanoFil needle (pkg of 2)
NF35BL-2 35 G blunt NanoFil needle (pkg of 2)
NF35BV-2 35 G beveled NanoFil needle (pkg of 2)
NF36BL-2 36 G blunt NanoFil needle (pkg of 2)
NF36BV-2 36 G beveled NanoFil needle (pkg of 2)
NFGSK-5 Spare Gasket for NanoFil & Holder (pkg of 5)
NFINHLD NanoFil Injection Holder
NFQ34-5 34 Gauge Flexible Quartz Tubing for filling (pkg 5)
NanoFil NanoFil Syringe, 10 microliter
RPE-KIT Retinal Pigment Epithelium (RPE) injection kit (SilFlex tubing gasket, holder, and blunt tipmix)
SILFLEX-2 SilFlex tubing (pkg of 2)