Discontinued Narishige Products List And Suggested Replacements

Tritech Research maintains the latest information on Narishige Products that have been discontinued and possible replacements for them. Some of them have a suggested replacement that works very well. For others, there are many options available - call us to describe your project and get the perfect solution!

Discontinued SKU Discontinued Product's Description Replacement SKU
AP-11A Patch Clamp Headstage Holder (for Axon)
AP-11L Patch Clamp Headstage Holder (for List)
AP-11N Patch Clamp Headstage Holder (for Nihon Koden)
BE-8 Ball Joint Micromanipulator
CF-3 Hydraulic Tube Connector
CF-4 Hydraulic/Microinjection Tube Fixture Fitting
EB-4 Auxiliary Rat Ear Bar
EB-5 Auxiliary Mouse Ear Bar
F-1 Compact, Precision Scissors (for Surgery)
F-2 Compact, Precision Scissors (for Surgery)
F-7 Precision Tweezers (for Surgery)
GJ-100A Flexible Magnetic Stand (8mmø)
GJ-100B Flexible Magnetic Stand (5mmø)
GJ-211UX Magnetic Stand
GJ-211X Magnetic Stand
GJ-214UX Magnetic Stand
GJ-214X Magnetic Stand
GJ-311UX Magnetic Stand
GJ-311X Magnetic Stand
GJ-394UX Magnetic Stand
GJ-394X Magnetic Stand
GJ-UT Magnetic Stand
GRS-11UX Magnetic Stand
GRS-11X Magnetic Stand
GRS-14UX Magnetic Stand
GRS-14X Magnetic Stand
GRS-44UX Magnetic Stand
GRS-44X Magnetic Stand
GRS-94UX Magnetic Stand
GRS-94X Magnetic Stand
H-11 Electrode Holder for 1mm electrodes, 7mmø bar
HDO-2 Oil Hydraulic Ball Joint Micromanipulator w/ Two-electrode Holder HD-21
HT-30 Three-Electrode Holder
IM-10 Motorized Injector
IM-16 Syringe-based Microinjector (Read-out Type) IM-9B
IM-26 Syringe-based Microinjector (Read-out Type) IM-9B
IM-30 Motor-Drive Microinjector MINJ-D
IM-50A Syringe-based Microinjector IM-9A
IM-50B Syringe-based Microinjector IM-9C
IM-55 Syringe-based Microinjector
IM-8 Syringe-based Microinjector
IMA-1 Pneumatic System Injector
M-1 One Dimensional Substage (For MP-1)
M-10 Single-Axis Coarse Micromanipulator
M-10F Single-Axis Fine Micromanipulator
M-5 Single-Axis Coarse Micromanipulator (For Coarse Z-Axis Movement)
M-6 Single-Axis Coarse Micromanipulator (For Coarse Z-Axis Movement)
MA-6 Stereotaxic Instrument SR Series Head Adapter (Mice) MA-6N
MEI Fiber Optic Microelectrode Illumination System
MF-77 Microforge (for Metal Electrodes)

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