Narishige Needle Processors Catalog:
Needle Pullers, Micropipette Grinders and Microforges



A microforge is a versatile instrument designed specifically for the fabrication and processing of glass micropipettes and other related microtools for use in patch pipette tip polishing, tip size reduction (for holding pippettes), contact stretching (large tip sharpening), tip bending, tip sealing, in vitro fertilization (IVF), intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), and pipette production in a variety of other pipette configurations.

Narishige microforges use advanced design and manufacturing to provide an ultra-fine finish to microelectrode tips for patch clamp applications by eliminating imperfections on the microelectrode surface which would otherwise damage delicate membranes when making tight patch seals. Their design makes locating and polishing the pipette under magnification extremely easy.

Fire polishing of patch pipettes is the single most important factor for forming a stable giga-seal in patch clamp recording ? even more important than the type of glass capillary used. Narishige microforges provide superb seals with a wide variety of cells. Both whole cell patch pipettes and single channel patch pipettes can be conveniently polished to the highest quality and reproducibility.

Holding pipettes generally have large blunt tips with a small opening, which are used to hold a free-floating cell in place prior to microinjection by applying a low-pressure suction to the rear of the pipette. Production of holding pipettes involves squaring it off, large bore flame polishing, and tip reducing.

Often a beveled large bore pipette is not sharp enough to penetrate a cell without damaging the area around the pipette. A sharp point can be formed on the beveled tip to assist the penetration of the cell; this process is referred to as contact stretching.