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Stereotaxic products are used in fundamental neuroscience and electrophysiology research involving experiments which require holding or clamping animals in a fixed and rigid or motionless state while making a lesion, stain, or recordings of the brain or operations on other parts of the head. Stereotaxic instruments enable the animal?s head to be accurately positioned and firmly fixed non-traumatically according to the brain chart, while instruments for chronic experiments allow the measurement of electric potentials while allowing for the animal to move freely. These instruments are designed for a wide variety of animals (including, but not limited to mice, rats, guinea pigs, rabbits, cats, dogs, and monkeys) used in different parts of the world, and offer a correspondingly wide range of features to meet specific needs. In addition, special or customized versions can be made at the customer?s request. Most instruments allow for spinal cord and metencephalon fixation with various clamps, the ability to fix the upper jaw, lower edges of the eye sockets and external ear canals (by use of nose fixing knobs, mouthpieces, and ear bars) as well as attachment space for manipulators, microinjectors, and additional accessories. Apparati allow for versatility of experimentation including: instruments which allow for simultaneous brain and spinal cord experiments; those with rack and pinion systems for easy adjustment; those which allow possible approach from the sides for inspections of the auditory cortex, entorhinal cortex, ventral hippocampus and the amygdala; and even those for use in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) experiments.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I have the old Narishige SKU but can't find it anywhere on the web. Can Tritech Research help?
Yes! There are a lot of Narishige Products that have been overhauled or discontinued. These do not show up on search results page so that people do not waste time on them. We have catalogued them at discontinued narishige products. Give us a call if you need to verify whether an old Narishige SKU has been discontinued and to know its recommended alternatives.

I need a product NOW that Narishige and other distributors said they are out of stock. Is there any use calling Tritech Research?
Absolutely! Since Tritech Research has an accurate idea about which of the Narishige products are most used by biomedical researchers, we keep a stock on our premises. If we don't have it, we will call other distributors on your behalf, find the product and have them delivered to you at no extra cost! We want to satisfy you and earn your business!

I want a replacement for an old part. But it has been discontinued. Can Tritech Research help?
Most Definitely! Firstly, we will tell you if Narishige itself recommends an alternative part. Secondly, we will dig up the solutions we recommended to the previous customer who wanted the same part. Finally, we will do the research and give our recommendation at no cost to you! So, you should definitely call Tritech Research.

Why does Tritech Research recommend Narishige?
Tritech Research originally found about Narishige during the desgining of the world's cheapest complete microinjection system when searching for a suitable micromanipulator. Tritech Research found that Narishige manufactures world class micromanipulators that are reliable and at the same time very inexpensive. Tritech Research has now expanded to sell all of Narishige products.

Why should I buy Narishige products from Tritech Research?
Narishige has a formidable catalog - navigating through which needs considerable understanding of both Biology and Engineering. Our interaction with customers doing Biology Research over 15 years has led us to better describe Narishige products from point of view of research scientists. When you call Tritech Research, you get advice from a Biology Ph.D. holder regarding the best micromanipulator for your experiment. Furthermore, we back our unsurpassed expertise with unbeatable prices and superior customer service.

I got a quote from someone else for the same Narishige Product that is cheaper than Tritech Research's Quote. Can I get a greater discount if I call Tritech Research back?
Firstly, this situation is not supposed to occur. Tritech Research tries very hard to obtain the best prices for Narishige Products and passes on the discounts earned to the customers. Secondly, if you did find a better price, then PLEASE CALL US - you will be doing a huge favor to your fellow researchers when we find out how to get the same lower price and pass it along to them. Thirdly, you will qualify for discounts on other Tritech Products when you call to inform us about lower quote.


The products outlined above provide state-of-the-art replacements for the products in the table below. Tritech's mission is to lower the cost and speed the progress of biomedical research. We want you to get the best product for your research budget. Feel free to compare features and prices, then let us know what you think!


00-42-101-0000 MM33 Right with 10mm clamp
00-42-102-0000 MM33 Left with 10mm clamp
00-42-103-0000 MM33 Right with tilting device
00-42-104-0000 MM Left with tilting device
00-42-105-0000 MD4 Right with 10mm clamp
00-42-106-0000 MD4 Left with 10mm clamp
00-42-107-0000 MMJ Right-Hand Operation with 10mm clamp
00-42-108-0000 MMJ Left-Hand Operation with 10mm clamp
00-42-121-0000 MD4 Right with tilting device
00-42-122-0000 MD4 Left with tilting device
00-45-201-0000 DC-3K Right-Hand Operation
00-45-202-0000 DC-3K Left-Hand Operation
00-45-205-0000 DC-3KS Right-Hand Operation
00-45-206-0000 DC-3KS Left-Hand Operation
00-45-302-0000 PM-10 Piezo-Micromanipulator complete with control system and clamp bracket
00-45-303-0000 PM-10 Piezo-Micromanipulator complete with control system and screw mount bracket
00-49-901-6000 M-10 Magnetic Stand
00-49-903-6000 Tilting Device
00-49-911-6000 Angle Clamp Attachment (specify microscope)
00-49-912-6000 Clamping Attachment
00-75-220-0804 STM-3 with 3 axes
00-75-220-0814 MS-314
00-75-220-1814 Remote Control
00-75-220-6800 Shielded Cables
00-79-220-6810 Piezo-Translator PM-10
00-79-220-6820 PM-20 Piezo-Micromanipulator
DC-3K The DC-3K Micromanipulator is equipped with manual as well as motorized drive in all 3 axes.
DC-3KS The DC-3KS version has the additional capability of a swing-in / swing-out x-axis platform.
M-10 The M-10 Magnetic Stand can be used with any clamp-mounted micromanipulator.
MD4 The MD4 Micromanipulator is nearly identical to the MM33 but is equipped with a second tool holder.
MM33 The MM33 Micromanipulator is a small and compact unit for manual manipulation in all three axes.
MMJ The MMJ Micromanipulator is equipped with coarse and fine adjustment controls for x, y, and z axes.
PM-20 The PM-20 Piezo Micromanipulator was designed to be used with the DC-3K and MMJ and allows for the micro injection of cells with hard or elastic cell membranes.


MP-285 electrophysiology micromanipulator

WPI World Precision Instruments

KITE-TB-R Economy Manual Micromanipulator Right-handed version - includes tilting base
KITE-L Economy Manual Micromanipulator Left-handed version
KITE-R Economy Manual Micromanipulator Right-handed version
KITE-TB-L Economy Manual Micromanipulator Left-handed version - includes tilting base
M3301-M3-L Manual Micromanipulator Left-handed version - includes tilting base
M3301-M3-R Manual Micromanipulator Right-handed version - includes tilting base
M3301L Manual Micromanipulator Left-handed version
M3301R Manual Micromanipulator Right-handed version