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Petri Dishes

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Tritech Research saves you money on high-quality sterile Petri Dishes.

Check out our great Petri Dish prices, below!

Stackable, Sturdy, Super-flat, and Crystal Clear.

Petri dishes are specified in nominal sizes.
Click Here for exact dish dimensions.

Click HERE if you are interested in purchasing a small quantity of Petri dishes and/or growth media (from a few cases to a few dishes) and would like to order online and use a credit card or PayPal account.  This is where to go for supplies for Science Fair projects!

There are a few different features to choose from when selecting the best dish for your application.  First and foremost is choosing the best size for the job.  In case the exact size is critical, you need to know that Petri Dishes are described by their "nominal" size.  For example, 100mm dishes are not really 100mm, and it depends on where you measure... inside the base will be the minimum dimension and outside the lid will be the maximum.  A link above takes you to a table with some of our actual dish dimensions.  Some of our dish models are available in both "vented" and "non-vented" styles.  Standard Petri Dishes are always vented, so if the don't say vented or non-vented, you should assume they are vented.  "Vented" means that the lid is slightly elevated above the base.  This allows for good, plentiful air exchange.  This is useful when you want to encourage evaporation, for example, when you want to use poured plates as soon as possible, and the plates themselves, or a liquid seeding solution, needs to dry beforehand.  The basic design of the dish tends to maintain sterility because particles would have to go up and over the dish's wall to get inside, and this is rare in normal airflow.  With "non-vented" dishes, the lid fits quite flatly on the base.  While it is not a hermetic seal, the space between dish and lid is extremely small.  This results in even less potential for external contamination and a significantly reduced evaporation rate.  For example a 60mm vented Petri Dish containing 10ml of agar medium typically dries out in 2-3 weeks; whereas, a similar 60mm non-vented dish typically lasts 2-3 months.  Most C. elegans labs, except those in very humid climates, prefer the non-vented dishes.  Non-vented dishes provide sufficient air exchange for the worms to breath while greatly increasing the life of the dish.

Item Number   Size Features Qty / case Price 4 or More Qty ->Cart
T3301 100mm Slippable 500 $99.46 $88.65
T3305 60mm Vented Round Edge 500 $84.32 $73.51
T3306 60mm Non-vented Round Edge 500 $84.32 $73.51
T3308 60mm Non-vented Sharp Edge 500 $75.68 $64.86
T3310 60mm Slippable T3306 500 $84.32 $73.51
T3315 60mm Vented Sharp Edge 500 $76.76 $65.95
T3325 150mm Large Extra-sturdy 120 $90.81 $80.00
T3361 100mm Semi-stackable 520 $98.38 $87.57
T3361E 100mm Semi-stackable Non-vented 500 $81.08 $71.35
T3371 100mm Fully-stackable 580 $105.95 $95.14
T3500 35mm Vented 500 $77.03 $61.62
T3501 35mm Non-vented 500 $77.03 $61.62

† These are our list prices. If you are paying with an Institutional Purchase Order or by check, you qualify for a 7.5% discount. Click here to change your payment method and see the lower prices.

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