Our Warranty

Tritech Research offers a Limited Warranty on all of the products we manufacture and we support the Limited Warranties offered on the items that we distribute. Feel free to contact us regarding the specific warranty terms for any of our products.

While specifics may vary, generally our Limited Warranty covers parts and labor and basic shipping charges back to you to correct defects in manufacturing for a period of one year from the date your item is delivered to you.

Open your packages upon arrival and save all packaging and shipping documents for at least 30 days! We insure all of our shipments, but claims for obvious or "concealed" damage must be made within 7 days of arrival. We also ask that if one of our products does not seem to be working, you do not open, alter or modify anything before contacting us. We are glad to go through a troubleshooting procedure with you to save your time and preserve your rights to an insurance claim.

If you suspect there is a problem, please contact us by telephone or e-mail. We will start by helping you to troubleshoot the problem. Most problems can be addressed and fixed by giving you some simple suggestions over the phone, video chat, or e-mail. In some cases, if you, or an on-site repair person, agree, we will send you a replacement part that you can use to quickly fix the problem.

After getting our authorization, you are also free to send the item back to us for evaluation and repair. We suggest that you choose the most convenient, least expensive option, to save your institution money, but to safely pack and fully insure the item so that your carrier will pay to replace it if they lose it or damage it in transit. When we receive the item, we will promptly evaluate it and determine if the issue is covered under the limited warranty. For example, manufacturing defects are covered, and damage, abuse, misuse, and "wear-and-tear" are not covered. Always include your name, return shipping address, contact telephone number (and other contact information) along with a brief description of the problem and how to observe / reproduce it on a note in the box.

If there is a warranty-covered problem, we will repair or replace the item (our option), and we will pay to ship the item back to you by basic shipping service. If you require faster shipment than the shipping that we offer, you can supply your own shipping account or pay us to use the expedited shipping service of your choice. If we cannot find a warranty-covered problem, we will contact you with our findings promptly and give you a repair and return-shipping price quote. In some cases we may allow or suggest that you send back only a small part of the item for evaluation and repair, to save us both on shipping costs.

Our goal is to have happy customers, enjoying and happily using our equipment, during, and long after the limited warranty period. We do our best to engineer highly reliable, cost-effective equipment and to support it with prompt, low-cost repair service, long after the warranty has expired.

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