microINJECTOR™ System Complete w/ Inverted Microscope, manipulator

MINJ-1000:  $11,891.89 - Special Order
Tritech Research sells complete microinjection systems that integrate our famous microINJECTOR™, Pulse Length Control Module (PCM), and needle holder with top name brand inverted microscopes and micromanipulation equipment. We take advantage of our status as a fully authorized Narishige dealer and manufacturer of custom OEM solutions for Olympus and other microscope systems to get you great prices and the added convenience of receiving a fully integrated microinjection system from a single source.

     Other features include our custom GlideStage®, which provides a fine level of manual stage manipulation at a fraction of the cost of motorized stage manipulators. When the stage is in use, you can employ a low-cost mechanical joystick-type micromanipulator, to save thousands of dollars over other systems.

Microscope Features:
  • Small Foot Print.
  • Excellent Quality Optics.
  • Includes our custom-made Hoffman Modulation Contrast (HMC) optics for DIC-like images at a significantly reduced price.
  • Trinocular head for photo and video documentation.
  • Available with a fluorescent system for detection of GFP, DAPI, Rhodamine, etc.

Some researchers are curious whether a low-cost dedicated injection station like the MINJ-1000 is going to be a compromise in terms of quality, ease-of-use, or optics. The answer is - no. Great optics are as important to us as they are to you. Just as there can be a "good" DIC image, when the right Wallaston prism is combined with the right numerical aperture objective and the correct polarization, and a poor DIC image when these items are not optimized, we design and choose our HMC optics to work together to get you great images. Don't let a bad experience with a local microscope rep who doesn't know what he is doing, or understand how to optimize a system for your microinjection needs prejudice you.

Here are links to some QuickTime movies showing oocytes and the syncitial gonads of some C. elegans worms under our MINJ-1000 scope. We think you will be impressed with how clear and easy to inject these structures are. Click on these links to watch the QuickTime Movies (it will take a while for them to load completely, and then they will play.) To watch one again, click "Reload" or hit the play button if it is visible:

gonad04.mov (6.2MB)
gonad05.mov (7.3MB)
gonad06.mov (4.0MB, lower res)

And, here are a few still images... Click them to see an enlarged view:

Gonad 14
Gonad 15
Gonad 16


Worm HMC vs DIC Comparison
Worm DIC Diagram


Q: What are the dimensions of this system, in terms of being compact and fitting on my injection table?
A: The microscope itself is 21" (54cm) deep from the eyepieces to the back x 9" (23cm) wide; it is 21" (54cm) tall. Our standard joystick-type micromanipulator mounts on the side of stage and adds about 4" (10cm) of width there.

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