Water Hydraulic Micromanipulator

MO-90A:  $3,891.89 - Discontinued
Use of the syringe system reduces this model's weight to the ultimate minimum, with the aim of avoiding stress on the animal while retaining a long working range in both coarse and fine movements. Although accuracy is lower than that provided by the oil hydraulic system, coarse and fine movements can both be controlled remotely.

The unique structure of the MO-90A enables multi-channel usage.


AccessoriesStainless Pipe (O.D.7 X 60mm), Fixing Screws
Movement rangeCoarse30mm
Fine10mm, Full rotation of knob 250um
Minimum graduation: 1um
Dimensions/WeightControl unitW130 X D80 X H80mm, 1.05kg
Drive unitMO-90 F W38 X D26 X H131mm, 40g
MO-90A F W58 X D35 X H128mm, 50g

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