Joint Attachment (Securely fixed, yet easy to use.)

UST-3A:  $356.76 - Ships in 1-5 days
Narishige's UST-3A is a special joint attachment unit.

In electrophysiology, it is important that the electrode (holder) is fixed securely onto the manipulator, while doing so often makes it inconvenient to replace electrodes. Using the UST-3A with the holder mount conveniently situated toward the front, it is now much easier to replace electrodes.

The UST-3A allows the tilted electrode holder to flip up with the tilt angle unchanged, as illustrated. It not only opens parallel to the microscope stage, it is not likely to hit the edge of the petri dish, and thus replacement of electrodes is facilitated without having to operate the manipulator.

UST-3A serves a useful function when attached to a highly stable solid universal joint UST-3 designed for patch clamp recording.

* The UST-3A cannot be used by itself.

*T he UST-3A can be attached to EMM-3SV Motorized Micromanipulator.

* Sold separately: AP-13-3 / AP-14A Patch Clamp Headstage Holder mountable.
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