Isolation System for Carl Zeiss fixed stage upright microscope / Axioskop FS

ITS-Z:  $9,081.08 - Discontinued
Narishige's ITS-Z is an isolation system for Carl Zeiss fixed stage upright microscope / Axioskop FS. It employs a stable isolation table on which the specimen and the micromanipulators can both be fixed independently of the microscope. With the microscope firmly fixed in position, the base can move in both X and Y planes. This allows the operator to change the observation position without moving either the specimen or the micromanipulators. The table is designed to accommodate any brand of microscope, so no adjustment mechanism is necessary. Vertical adjustment is easily performed by using spacers. The stage is supported by four large pillars whose outstanding rigidity and anti-vibration characteristics are further reinforced by added crossbeams. Holes provided in the wide, thick stainless steel stage allow the operator to set up several micromanipulators in any position required by means of magnets or screws. The XY stage incorporates several large bearings to ensure smooth, stable movement of even a heavy microscope. Even the heaviest microscopes can be moved smoothly and easily with large handles, which are comfortable to operate with just one hand.

Compatible microscopesITS-NNikon Upright Microscope for Patch Clamping / Physio Station E600FN
ITS-OOlympus fixed stage upright microscope / BX50WI
ITS-O2Olympus fixed stage upright microscope / BX51WI
ITS-ZCarl Zeiss fixed stage upright microscope / Axioskop FS
ITS-Z2Carl Zeiss fixed stage upright microscope / Axioskop 2FS
ITS-Z3Carl Zeiss fixed stage upright microscope / Axio Examiner
ITS-LLeica fixed stage upright microscope / DMLFS
Accessory includedAllen Wrench
Movement rangeFineX22mm, Y22mm
Full rotation of knob 500µm
Minimum graduation 2µm
Dimensions/WeightW650 × D460 × H290mm, 41.7kg

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