Motor-drive Oil Hydraulic Fine Open-Type Micromanipulator (Drive only)

MO-972A-D:  $7,567.57 - Ships in 1-5 days
For multiple injection, stimulation, or recording.

The MO-972A-D includes the drive unit only that can be connected with the control box (DM system; digital control system) of MO-972A. The system allows multiple manipulators to be added up to three drive unit.

* To use the MO-972A-D, the MO-972A or the MO-973A is required.

Accessories includedChamber (MO-903E)
Chamber Cap
SS Guide Tube (ø0.7 × 60mm)
Threaded Round Bar
Fixing Screws
Length of hydraulic tubing1.5m
Drive source5-phase Stepping Motor
Movement rangeCoarseZ50mm
Z30mm (Motor drive)
Minimum Increment (Theoretical value)Coarse0.5um
Super fine0.005um
Dimensions/WeightDrive ModuleW61 × D46 × 130mm, 95g
Motor DriveW97 × D31 × H56mm, 250g

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