Simple Head Holder Plate (for Mice)

MAG-A:  $540.54 - Ships in 5-7 Days
Used for behavior imaging/electrophysiology recording with awake mice. The MAG-A can be used with MAG-1, MAG-2 or MAG-3. It keeps the head in position of awake mice. Chamber frame or plate applied on the animal will be fixed firmly by screws from two sides, which is suitable for behavior imaging and electrophysiology recording experiments of awake mice.

Setting Example

MAG-1 with CF-10:

MAG-1 setting ex

MAG-2 with CP-1:

MAG-2 setting ex

MAG-3 with CP-2:

MAG-3 setting ex

Dimensions/WeightW60 D15 H6mm, 20g

* The CFR-1 /CFR-2 Chamber Frame (for rats) cannot be used with the MAG-A.

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