Motor-drive Oil Hydraulic Fine Closed-Type Micromanipulator System

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Chronic micromanipulator with remote-controlled 30 mm movement range.

By adding the DM System to the MO-97 which is equipped with a chamber, X-Y stage and oil hydraulic drive, the driving volume can be controlled with even greater precision. This chronic micromanipulator is designed for use with mid-sized animals, mainly monkeys. The wide (30mm) movement range and oil hydraulic drive allow electrodes to be inserted, without vibration, into deep areas by remote control. A guide tube (not available with conventional models) can be attached to help conduct the electrode to the required position with great accuracy. Despite the addition of these functions, this model is still light in weight and has a low center of gravity. Since it is attached to the head using the chamber method, it can easily be detached without the concern that some slight movement will detach the electrode involuntarily. The X-Y stage is made of acrylic, which allows accurate positioning and observation inside animal subjects.

The Adoption of Multi-slot CardBus Reader Allows Additional Drive Units. Based on the DM System, control boards are expandable thus up to three Drive Units can be controlled by one Control Box and one Keypad Controller.

Coordinate Calculation:
This function enables the user to set an arbitrary position as a reference point and the display is capable of showing the distance traveled from the set reference point. This position measurement system saves you the inconvenience of calculating the distance traveled, during and after each experiment.

Equipped with Diverse Functions to Support Various Experiments:
Three driving modes: Free Drive/Set Drive/Step Drive are user-selectable and the respective minimum movement units are user-definable.

Keypad Controller:
Easy-to-operate sheet keys are used for the Keypad Controller.

USB communications interface enables remote-control operation, permitting automatic drive to a specified position as well as interfacing to external hosts such as PCs through application programs.

Accessories includedChamber (MO-903E)
Chamber Cap
SS Guide Tube (ø0.7 × 60mm)
Threaded Round Bar
Fixing Screws
Keypad Cable (3m)
Display Cable (1.5m)
Extension Cable for Display (1.5m)
AC Power Cord
Rack Mount Brackets
Bracket Mounting Screws
Rubber Foot
Length of hydraulic tubing1.5m
Drive source5-phase Stepping Motor
Movement rangeCoarseZ50mm
FineZ30mm(Motor drive)
Minimum increment (Theoretical value) Coarse0.5um
Super Fine0.005um
I/O port for communicationUSB Type B
Power sourceAC100V - 240V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption50W
Dimensions/WeightDrive ModuleW63 × D63 × 121mm, 125g
Motor DriveW97 × D31 × H56mm, 250g
Control BoxW430 × D350 × H80mm, 8.2kg
Keypad ControllerW125 × D142 × H30mm, 280g
DisplayW140 × D85 × H35mm, 260g

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