Stereotaxic Workstation

- Special Order - Pricing Available Upon Request
Narishige's SN-1N is a versatile, popular stereotaxic instrument used for middle size animals. This stereotaxic instrument is for middle size animals such as cats, small dogs and monkeys. A mouthpiece, eye bar and ear bar are mounted on the U- frame, to enable the zero point of head -- its basic axis -- to be accurately fixed in position, which in turn facilitates fixing of the upper jaw, lower edges of the eye sockets and external ear canals.

     A spinal cord fixer is also mounted. The AP frame bar, to which manipulators and the spinal cord fixer are attached, is 18.7mm square in shape, and sufficiently long for several accessories to be attached simultaneously. Loosening the rear fixing bracket in the back allows the U-frame itself to be moved, as well as the unit supported at three points. The instrument body is made of lightweight cast aluminum, and offers wide-ranging versatility, since many kinds of animals can be fixed simply by changing the adapters used for the three support points.

Base dimensions W800 x D300 x H250mm
Total weight approx. 32kg

*This is a Narishige "Group-2" special order item. Because it has to be custom-made for you, there is usually a 4-week lead time and it is non-cancellable and non-returnable once ordered.

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