Stereotaxic Instrument with Spinal Cord Clamps for mice

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Narishige's ST-7 is a versatile stereotaxic instrument for small animals. This compact and stable stereotaxic instrument has been developed for work with small animals, especially mice. An auxiliary ear bar is incorporated for secure fixation of mice ears.

Experiments on the brain and spinal cord can be performed simultaneously. This instrument also offers a removable center plate for such tasks as fixing a cat spinal cord.

Setting Example

ST-7M-HT setting example

The AP frame bar, to which manipulators are fixed, has Narishige's standard 18.7mm square bar , enabling attachments like the SM-15 stereotaxic micromanipulator and many other kinds of accessories.

For a version including the micromanipulator please visit ST-7M.

For a version for rats please visit ST-7R-HT.

Accessories EB-3B Ear Bars for mice (in a pair)
EB-5N Auxiliary Ear Bars for mice
Connecting Rings
Hex Wrench
Base dimensions W400 x D300 x H180mm
Base weight7.4kg

ST-7M-HT diagram
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