Three-Axis Compact Coarse/Fine Mechanical Micromanipulator

U-31CF:  $918.92 - Ships in 1-5 days
This three-dimensional coarse plus fine micromanipulator enables fine movement operation in the same direction as the pipette, making it easier to approach the specimen. A ø6mm bar (URC-1) is included with the manipulator. Choose a suitable stand, sold separately.

Choose either the 6mm USM-6 stand, plus X-Block UX-6-6 or
Choose the 10mm USM-10 stand, plus X-Block UX-6-10.
Add the UPN-B ball joint for additional freedom to angle your ø4mm holder such as MINJ-4, UPN-1, or UPN-C.

Accessories URC-1 mounting rod
Movement range CoarseX9mm, Y14mm, Z14mm
Fine X5mm, Full rotation of knob 500µm
Dimensions/WeightW73 x D18 x H62mm, 91g

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