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Epigenetic and Metabolic Regulation of Aging and Aging-Related Diseases (E1)

01-May-2016 - 05-May-2016
Santa Fe NM USA
Aging poses formidable scientific, medical and societal challenges. Old age is the single most important risk factor for a constellation of diseases, including cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and a range of neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer's disease. Aging is also one of the greatest fundamental mysteries in biology, and arguably its next frontier. Long thought to be inexorable, aging has in fact been shown to be malleable due to specific changes in genes or environment. This Keystone Symposia meeting will cover the most exciting questions at the forefront of the field: How can external stimuli delay aging in a long-lasting, yet reversible, manner? Does the integration of external stimuli to modulate aging differ among cells with vastly diverse functions - somatic maintenance, tissue regeneration and the "immortal" germline? Is aging a synchronous process, and how do the different cells and systems communicate? How do diseases of aging develop, and what can be done to prevent or reverse them? To address these questions, the symposium will gather investigators from completely different areas to bring an interdisciplinary approach to aging. The meeting will focus on the emerging nexus between two key aging regulators - epigenetic states of the genome and metabolic status - and will highlight innovative technologies and the newest discoveries in aging and diseases. This symposium will also address questions from different perspectives, taking advantage of model organisms with drastically divergent lifespans and aging strategies. Importantly, this meeting will particularly discuss human aging and its associated traits - frailty, susceptibility to diseases - and potential aging therapeutics.
Registration Deadline: 01-Mar-2016

Mitochondrial Dynamics (D2)

03-Apr-2016 - 07-Apr-2016
Steamboat Springs CO USA
Although the realm of mitochondrial dynamics continues to expand as discoveries mount regarding its importance in physiology and medicine, we still do not understand why it is crucial to maintain eukaryotic cell integrity, and we are only beginning to understand the molecular mechanisms and regulation involved. This topic is attracting more and more interest and an increasing number of investigators as the critical role of mitochondrial dynamics has been found very recently to impact innate immunity, cell division and chemoresistance. This Keystone Symposia meeting will thus highlight the latest advances in diverse disciplines including neurology, aging, cancer research, autophagy, membrane morphogenesis, structural biology and bioenergetics. The program groups the best senior and junior scientists in these disciplines to break down barriers between different fields of research and promote innovation. As the most important discoveries in mitochondrial dynamics lie ahead, the interactions at this meeting should play a key role in their advance.
Registration Deadline: 03-Feb-2016

The 81st Cold Spring Harbor Symposium

01-Jun-2016 - 06-Jun-2016
Syosset NY USA
This meeting is all about Targeting Cancer in every way.
Registration Deadline: 11-Apr-2016

The 21st International C. elegans Conference (GSA Worm Meeting)

21-Jun-2017 - 25-Jun-2017
Los Angeles CA USA
This is the amazing International Worm meeting where scientists meet every other year to present and discuss their research on diverse topics such as neurobiology, aging, cancer, development, and evolution centering around the model genetic organism C. elegans.
Registration Deadline: 01-May-2017