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Myeloid Cells (D3)

10-Apr-2016 - 14-Apr-2016
Killarney Kerry IRL
Myeloid cells are essential in immunity: they control the interaction of the host with the environment and are indispensable in fighting infections and in the communication with other branches of the immune system. The introduction of new technology is revealing unprecedented levels of complexity in ontogeny, specialization, regulation and modulation of adaptive immunity by these cells. This Keystone Symposia meeting will cover topical questions in myeloid cell biology, including new concepts like the origin of myelocytes, trained immunity, and epigenetic and genetic regulation of their function. It will cover myeloid cells of both bone marrow and fetal origin with an emphasis on how macrophages interact with other myeloid cells including granulocytes. There will also be an emphasis on clinical approaches including medical intervention. New approaches to understand the diversity and specificity of myeloid responses will be also included. The symposium will include different fields central to contemporary immunology both at the genetic and cellular level, including the instruction of the adaptive immune response by innate immunity in health and disease. It should therefore be of interest to both basic and clinical scientists working in cell biology, immunology and infectious disease.
Registration Deadline: 10-Feb-2016

B Cells at the Intersection of Innate and Adaptive Immunity (E3)

02-May-2016 - 02-Jun-2016
Stockholm Stockholm Sweden
In the last few years, the role of B cells in the innate immune response and effector functions beyond antibody production has started to be appreciated. This meeting puts emphasis on newly discovered roles of B cells and discusses novel concepts in B cell biology that will open new venues to design B cell-directed treatments. It will thus highlight the function of B cells as general responders and regulators of inflammation and contrast this to their function and latest discoveries of their role as antibody producers.
Registration Deadline: 02-Mar-2016

Nucleic Acid Sensing Pathways: Innate Immunity, Immunobiology and Therapeutics (E2)

08-May-2016 - 12-May-2016
Dresden Sachsen DE
Human cells possess intricate nucleic acid recognition processes for monitoring cellular stress and pathogen infection, which trigger the production and release of interferons and cytokines to alert neighboring cells including cells of the immune system. Various classes of nucleic acid sensors, each specific to detecting modified or unmodified, structured or unstructured DNA or RNA, have been identified and are characterized by distinct subcellular localization and also cell-type-specific expression patterns. These sensors include various nucleotidyl transferases producing second messenger small ribonucleic nucleic acid molecules as well as membrane-bound receptors ultimately leading to phosphorylation of transcription factors driving cytokine and interferon expression. This meeting focuses on cytoplasmic DNA and RNA sensors and the function of their linear and circular oligonucleotide second messenger cGAMP and 2,5-oligoadenylate produced upon activation. Substantial progress has been made in identification of the structures of these sensors, their nucleic acid ligands and second messenger molecules, as well as the underlying molecular pathways leading to transcriptional activation. Animal models inactivating various pathways of innate immunity have been developed. This progress has enabled targeted development of antagonists and agonists of cytokine and interferon production for therapeutic targeting of inflammatory diseases and vaccine adjuvant development, respectively. An international group of academic and industry scientists and clinicians with expertise in biochemistry and structural biology, nucleic acid chemistry, immunology, human genetics, virology, rheumatology and vaccine development will converge at this meeting to discuss the latest developments in this field.
Registration Deadline: 08-Mar-2016

The 81st Cold Spring Harbor Symposium

01-Jun-2016 - 06-Jun-2016
Syosset NY USA
This meeting is all about Targeting Cancer in every way.
Registration Deadline: 11-Apr-2016