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Advanced Health Informatics

17-Jul-2016 - 17-Jul-2016
Hong Kong Hong Kong China
The Advanced Health Informatics conference is a new GRC starting in 2016. The steadily growing aging population, worldwide prevalence of chronic diseases, and outbreaks of infectious diseases are some of the urgent global health challenges of our present-day society. To address these unmet healthcare needs, health informatics which deals with the acquisition, transmission, processing, storage, retrieval and use of information has emerged as an active area of interdisciplinary research to enhance the quality and efficiency of health care, to realize the early diagnosis and treatment of major diseases as well as to respond to public health emergencies. This GRC will focus on the new frontiers of health information acquisition, information transmissions via wireless/mobile internets, and big data processing/mining for health.
Registration Deadline: 19-Jun-2016