Motorized Microinjector for continuous injection at a fixed speed with minimal vibration

IMS-10:  $4,540.54 - DISCONTINUED - Replaced by IMS-20
Narishige's IMS-10 is a motorized microinjector primarily attached to a stereotaxic micromanipulator (such as SM-15). This microinjector allows continuous injection at a fixed speed, which is difficult to do with a manual microinjector, and it improves reproducibility when replicating the same experiment. In addition, the amount injected can easily be changed by replacing the syringe used (supported syringes: outer dia. 7mm - 10mm).


Accessories included AC Power Cord
Knobs for Syringe Installation
Movement range Fine 40mm
Speed Maximum Approx.180µm/s
Minimum Approx.20µm/s
Power Source AC100 (±5%), 50/60Hz
AC120 (±5%), 50/60Hz
AC220 (±5%), 50/60Hz
AC240 (±5%), 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 15W
Dimensions/Weight Drive unit W20 × D30 × H130mm, 0.16kg
Control unit W65 × D85 × H60mm, 0.3kg
Power supply unit W125 × D105 × H85mm 1.3kg

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