One-axis Oil Hydraulic-Motorized Hybrid Micromanipulator

MDO-84:  $8,810.81 - Ships in 1-5 days
Narishige's MDO-84 is a compact, add-on, fine one-axis micromanipulator.

The MDO-84 is the pencil type micromanipulator (MO-10), a hybrid of oil-hydraulic and stepping motor that offers precise control. Used in combination with a stereotaxic manipulator, the add-on tool allows remote-control with the distance traveled shown on the digital display, as well as variable speed and precision settings- which are impossible to be performed by a manual model. Two setting modes are available: entering speed directly or entering distance and time, in the range of 0.1um/s to 500um/s. The drive unit is small and lightweight so that it can be mounted easily on different manual manipulators.

* Distance between the control unit and motor unit can be extended from original 2.9m(9.5ft) in total to 7m(28.2ft) by MD-DCE-7 (sold separately).
* Palm-sized compact controller MD-OH-1 (sold separately) is available.

Accessories includedDedicated Electrode Holder (for O.D. 2mm)
Connecting cable (2.9m)
Power Cord (2.5m)
Hydraulic tube length1.5m
Drive source5-phase Stepping Motor
Movement range10mm
Setting range Speed range 0.1um/s ~ 500um/s (0.1um/s increment)
Distance range 1um ~ 10,000um (1um increment)
Time range1s ~ 60min (0.1s increment)
Working voltageAC100V ~ 240V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption15W
Dimensions/WeightDrive UnitW30 x D20 x H125mm, 50g
Motor DriveW98 x D32 x H56mm, approx. 250g
Control unitW180 x D260 x H95mm, 2.5kg

* The control unit controls one drive unit only; cannot control two or more drive units.
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