Kleindiek Ultra-precise Piezo-motor Micromanipulator System

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Top Features:

  • Easy setup: no cumbersome brackets to fiddle around with; just place the sturdy magnetic micromanipulator onto your microscope stage and start injecting! The NanoControl box and Joypad/Joystick/Cube sit next to the microscope for easy access and ergonomic ease.
  • Virtually impervious to vibration
  • Very low drift (1 nm/min) (yes, that is 1 nanometer!)
  • Sub-nanometer resolution (0.25nm)
  • Extensive working range (100cm3)
  • Integrated coarse and fine movement in one unit
  • High operating velocity (up to 10mm/sec!)

The Kleindiek Nanotechnik MM3A Micromanipulator is a convenient, amazingly precise, and effective solution for patch clamp experiments, in-vitro fertilization (IVF / ICSI), transgenic construction, embryo manipulation, chromosomal dissection, and any types of work that require ultra-precise movement control. It features the ability to move very quickly to the desired location, while maintaining a precision of less than a nanometer! This is over 20 times more precise than any of the Narishige micromanipulators that we offer, and over 40 times more precise than Eppendorf TransferMan® NK 2, InjectMan® NI 2 and PatchMan® systems. If you want incredible precision and stability without sacrificing your working range and operating velocity, this is the micro-manipulator for you!

The MM3A can be maneuvered very easily in all axes using the joystick control. This ergonomic intuitive user interface combined with a wide range of movement speeds makes the Kleindiek Nanotechnik MM3A ideal for microinjection and micro-dissection.

The MM3A is also ideal for patch clamp experiments in the neurobiology lab. It is literally the best micromanipulator for electrophysiology because it is easy to maneuver quickly into place, offers nanometer-level precision when making the fine adjustments to contact the neuron's cell membrane, and yields a stable signal throughout the experiment because it has virtually no drift (unlike fine hydraulic micromanipulators that drift in response to subtle temperature changes).

Click to pop up a comparison chart showing how much more precise, more compact, faster and lighter the MM3A is compared with Eppendorf TransferMan® NK 2, InjectMan® NI 2 and PatchMan® systems and how it compares with our various Narishige alternatives.

Controlling the MM3A:
Below is a diagram of how the controls of the MM3A work. The NanoController and the Joypad (top two devices shown in the diagram) are included with the MM3A. Under the standard factory settings, the buttons on the joypad are used to move in coarse mode. The two joysticks can control in either fine or coarse mode depending on your speed selection. Additionally, you can set a home / park position that the micromanipulator can move quickly to and from when performing multiple injections.

For easier high-precision control (such as positioning a patch clamp pipette), we recommend the Cube, a manual control device with three high-resolution vernier dials (bottom device shown on the diagram). It gives you highly responsive, intuitive, linear movement control. It connects directly to the NanoControl control electronics in addition to your choice of joystick.

MM#A Controls

The course movement range is several centimeters and, once near your target, the standard fine working range of the MM3A is 20 µm. If you want a larger fine mode working range, add the Booster option. This module for the NanoControl control electronics doubles the fine mode working range.


57.1mm x 20.4mm x 25.4mm
Movement Range
Travel range in the linear axis - 12mm
Travel range in the rotational axes - 240°
Operating Velocity
Up to 10mm/sec
0.25nm resolution
Accessories Included
    • Pipette holder for 1mm or 2mm pipettes
    • Magnetic mounting foot
    • Microscope stage adapter plate
    • Connectors for pipette pressurization and headstage
    • NanoControl control electronics with joypad and software for Windows 98/NT/ME/2K/XP.

Check out the link below for more details, and a video of the MM3A-LS in action on Kleindiek's website:
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