Oil Hydraulic Fine, 3-Axis Mechanical, Micromanipulator w/Stepping Motor , Closed Type

MO-952:  $10,918.92 - Ships in 1-5 days
The MO-952 combines the hydraulic MO-95 micromanipulator (equipped with a chamber, X-Y stage and oil hydraulic drive) with the DM stepping motor driver and control system so that positioning can be controlled with even greater precision. Accurate, vibration-free electrode insertion is achieved, by remote control, within a 10mm working distance. The stage (of the Drive Unit) and the mounting chamber can be detached and removed separately.

The drive stage allows for mechanical micromanipulation in the X and Y axes (18mm movement) and the Z axis (50mm movement). The motor-controlled fine hydraulic-driven Z axis allows for extremely precise positioning over a 10mm range.

Accessories includedChamber (MO-903E)
Chamber Cap
SS Guide Tube (ø0.7 × 60mm)
Threaded Round Bar
Electrode Holder (with a deep groove)
Fixing Screws
Sealing Gasket
Keypad Cable
Display Cable
Extension Cable for Display
AC Power Cord
Rack Mount Brackets
Bracket Mounting Screws
Rubber Foot
Length of hydraulic tubing1.5m
Drive source5-phase Stepping Motor
Movement rangeCoarseZ50mm
I/O port for communicationUSB Type B
Power sourceAC100V - 240V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption50W
Dimensions/WeightDrive ModuleW60 × D60 × 150mm, 100g
Motor DriveW97 × D31 × H56mm, 250g
Control BoxW430 × D350 × H80mm, 8.2kg
Keypad (Controller)W125 × D142 × H30mm, 280g
DisplayW140 × D85 × H35mm, 260g

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