Motor-drive Oil Hydraulic Fine Open-Type Micromanipulator System

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Oil Hydraulic Fine, Mechanical, Micromanipulator w/Stepping Motor , Open Type, w/ XYZ Axis 10mm Drive Unit, (Z-Axis) 50mm, (X-Axis) 13mm, (Y-Axis) 18mm The Open type stage allows many drive units to be mounted, or placement of a grid. Accurate, vibration-free electrode insertion is achieved by remote control, within a 30mm W.D. Guide tube is detachable. Stage and Chamber can be detatched and removed separately.

Oil Hydraulic Micromanipulator (with Stepping Motor) Micromanipulator for Chronic Experiments More precise fine Z-axis motordrive performed by 5 phase stepping motor Product includes Digital Control System + Motor Module + Drive Unit Position Memory Function Retract&Return Function Three drive modes: Free, Set, and Step. Three drive precisions are available: Coarse, Fine, and Superfine Depth, Vertical, and Horizontal coordinates are al l displayed. A position measurement system saves you the inconvenience of calculating the distance traveled, during and after each experiment. In addition, values in each drive mode can be entered to change the driving volume. One control box can control up to three drive units via an internal card-bus slot system Minimum Driving Accuracy: Coarse: 0.5µm Fine: 0.05micro;m Superfine: 0.005micro;m USB Communications Interface
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