Independently usable one-axis water hydraulic micromanipulator for stereomicroscopes (Magnetic Mount)

MWS-32:  $5,459.46 - Ships in 1-5 days
Narishige's MWS-32 combines a magnetic stand with the MWS-31, so that it can be used independently. Direct attachment to the magnetic stand provides enhanced stability required for applications with stereo microscopes. Like MWS-31, MWS-32 also has a water hydraulic 1:5 cartridge system, angle adjustment mechanism for firm fixing, and a rigid manual coarse manipulator. A unique feature of MWS-32 is that the manipulator is fixed directly to a rigid magnetic stand, thereby making the vertical adjustments more stable. This integration of the magnetic stand allows independent use in a variety of applications by freeing the manipulator from a stereomicroscope.

Accessories includedH-1 Electrode Holder
Allen Wrench
Movement rangeCoarseX38mm, Y25mm, Z30mm
With tension adjustment mechanism
Full rotation of knob 50µm
Minimum graduation 0.2µm
Dimensions/WeightControl unitW70 × D115 × H100mm, 1.15kg
Drive unitW200 × D100 × H240mm, 2.45kg

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