Stereotaxic Instrument outfitted with Compact Spinal Cord Clamping Device for mice/newborn rats with Micromanipulator

STS-7:  $11,135.14 - Ships in 5-7 days
* For mice/newborn rats with completely developed ear canal.

The Model STS-7 has been developed to clamp the spinal cord of a knockout mouse or newborn rat, which has been previously difficult. Its spinal cord clamping device allows you to feel the clamping touch on the tips of your fingers and thus prevents damage to the spinal cord. Incorporating fine adjustment technologies used primarily for micromanipulators, it permits accurate positioning toward a target point.

The STS-7 is configured so as to hold the tiny head of a small mouse or rat in position with its head clamp unit (mouthpiece and nosepiece) and auxiliary ear bars provided with fine adjustment functions.
The point of an auxiliary ear bar is available in varying sizes and easy to replace according to the intended use (e.g. to avoid the rupture of tympanic membrane or to fix the ears securely).

The STS-7 comes equipped with an AP frame bar (18.7mm square) to mount attachments since Narishige's stereotaxic manipulator, like the SM-15Narishige stereotaxic micromanipulator, are tailored for this standard.
AP Frame dimensions

For a version without the micromanipulator please visit STS-7-HT.

Accessories includedSM-15 Stereotaxic Micromanipulator
Dedicated Auxiliary Ear Bar
Connecting Rings
Hex Wrench
Dimensions(Base plate):W400 x D300 x H110mm, 9.6kg

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