Compact Spinal Cord Clamps

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Narishige's STS-A compact spinal cord clamps are used in conjunction with SR series stereotaxic instruments. To ensure that the fragile spinal cord of a mouse or newborn rat is clamped securely and correctly, this model is designed so that tactile information from the clamp is communicated to the operator's hand.

The left side 2 spinal clamps have rounded edges to fit with the spinal cord, while the right side clamp has saw-tooth edges, which permits flexible use depending on the use and location. Each moving part employs a manipulator-derived dovetail mechanism that ensures smooth movement without play or looseness. The simple one-touch locking system also helps to ensure secure fixation without looseness.

The STS-A is installable on the SR-5M, SR-6M, SR-5N, or SR-6N.

Accessories included Connecting rings
Allen wrench
Dimensions/WeightW170 × D115 × H82 - 112mm, 860g

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