Needle/Electrode Holder, w/ ø4mm Bar w/ angle adjustment

UPN-20:  $70.27 - Ships in 1-5 days
This holder can hold a ø1 - 1.2mm pipette and permits setting an independent angle on the holding section. Recommended for use with our Little Giant series products such as YOU-3, YOU-4, US-3F, and U-31CF.

Angle adjustmentNoNoYesYes
Dimensions/Weight L80 × H12mm, 8gL70 × H5mm, 6gL93 × H11mm, 10gL69 × H11mm, 8g
Bar ø4mmø4mmø4mmø4mm


Q: Over what angle does the UPN-20 electrode holder rotate?
A: The holder portion can rotate at least +90 and -90 degrees relative to the mounting rod. So with the electrode holder horizontal, the post could be either vertical upward or vertical downward.

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