DigiTherm® CO2 Heating/Cooling Incubator

DT2-CO2-38:  $2,810.81 - Discontinued
*** Our 38-liter incubators have been revised to use a a slightly larger and more modern / robust 47-liter enclosure, while keeping our time-tested, accurate temperature controller and thermoelectric heat pump.   Click HERE to see the new 47-liter incubator! ***
Never before has an incubator with all these features been offered for such a low price. Tritech brings the ultra-high-tech Microprocessor controlled, solid-state heating/cooling incubator with a NDIR CO2 sensor down to earth.  This incubator is ideal for mammalian and insect cell culture.

     Your research deserves the best incubator, and now you can afford it.  At this price, you can keep your lab happy by having more than one incubator, eliminating the risk of spreading contamination between experiments.


Key features include:
  • Heats and cools interior with 0.1°C Precision to settings of 10°C - 60°C (from 25°C ambient)
  • Solid-state Thermoelectric heat-pump for long life, no heating coils, no compressor, no freon
  • Microprocessor-controlled for reliability and ease of use
  • Lightweight enough to be portable; mobile and battery backup options available
  • User-friendly, yet sophisticated, alarms alert you if the incubator falls out of desired parameters, even if due to the door being left ajar.
  • Fast Temperature and CO2 Parameter Recovery
  • Nearly silent operation with ultra-low vibration
  • Energy Efficient - draws less than 100 watts at maximum heating or cooling
  • Excellent for Near-ambient temperature incubations - uses energy only as required
  • Stores parameters for fast auto-recovery after a power failure
  • Modern design with upgradeable microprocessor for specialty applications, such as:
    • Integrated, timed lighting system for Circadian experiments. (DT2-CIRC)
    • Automatic ramping or switching between temperatures. (DT2-CIRC)
    • Temperature / CO2 data logging.
    • Complete I/O module for bidirectional communication / control with a computer.
    • Almost anything else you can think of -- call us with your ideas!
  • 38L and 47L models weigh less than 30 lbs (13 kg)
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