IM-6:  $1,459.46 - Discontinued
Narishige's IM-6 microinjector is recommended for use at the injection side after it has been filled with oil. The large, stable body makes operation extremely reliable, while the specifications allow precise control of injection and aspiration.

*Oil top-up kit IM-AS (sold separately) is available for easy oil top-up and air bubble removal.

*For details of attaching a commercially available syringe to this model, please contact us.

Accessories included IM-H1 Injection Holder Set(*1), Silicone Rubber Gasket,
Glass Syringe 3ml, Polyethylene Tube
Movement range Plunger 40mm, Full rotation of knob: 500um
Control capacity Total volumes 800ul, Full rotation of knob approx. 10ul
Dimensions/Weight W200 x D80 x H130mm, 2kg

(*1)IM-H1 is a jointed set consisting of HI-7, CT-1 and CI-1.
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