Micromanipulator Mounting Adapter for Nikon SMZ18/SMZ25

NN-V:  $389.19 - Ships in 1-5 days
Narishige's NN-V is custom designed to mount onto Nikon stereo microscopes "SMZ18", "SMZ25", suitable for hydraulic micromanipulators such as injection systems. This Type B stage-mounting adapter is illumination pillar-mounted for easy installation of hydraulic micromanipulators used for microinjection.

NN-V Adaptability to Light Stand

The NN-V is not attachable to some types of light stand of the microscopes. Please refer to the table below for adaptability.

Light StandAdaptability
P2-PB Plain BaseAttachable
P2-DBL LED Diascopic Illimination BaseAttachable
P2-DBF Fiber Diascopic Illumination BaseAttachable
P-PS32 Plain Stand (only for SMZ18)not attachable (Please use the NN-T-2

Mounting Adaptor List for Nikon Microscopes
How to select a mountin adaptor
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