3ml Capacity Microinjection Syringe

SYR-1:  $37.84 - Ships in 1-5 days
Narishige's SYR-1 is a 3ml capacity microinjection syringe.It is compatible wiith the IM-6 injector.

Narishige offers a range of high-performance glass and metal syringes for use with our Narishige injectors, each with its own specific features. This particular sysringe is "low-precision" and recommended for pneumatic holding operations, not hydraulic injection operations. However, it is physically compatible with the IM-6 , IM-5A , IM-5B , IM-4A, IM-4B, IM-9A , IM-9B , IM-50A , and IM-5OB injectors.

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